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Phase 1 Research

Results of the Phase I Multi-Institutional Study (Released August 2011)

The Citation Project has so far completed Phase I of our research: a study of the use of sources in researched papers written by students enrolled in first year composition courses at sixteen institutions in the United States.

Phase I includes three studies: a pilot study, a study of papers from three institutions, and an expanded study of papers from sixteen institutions. The current research of the Citation Project derives from the preliminary findings of the pilot inquiry. These findings are reported in “Writing from Sources, Writing from Sentences.”  (Howard, Rebecca Moore, Tanya K. Rodrigue, and Tricia C. Serviss. Writing and Pedagogy 2.2 (Fall 2010): 177-192.)We have reported findings from the three-institution study at conferences and in webinars, but from now on our presentations and publications concerning first-year researched papers will derive exclusively from the updated multi-institutional study of student writing from sixteen institutions.

Our research team has completed coding the uses of sources in randomly selected papers from 174 students, from the sixteen participating institutions.The general trends are the same between the three-institution study and the sixteen-institution study, but the latter’s database is much larger, providing a more nuanced, more representative analysis.