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Phase I Participating Institutions

To date, the Citation project has analyzed 1,911 citations from 174 student papers produced at 16 different US colleges and universities. This constitutes a broadly-based sample of the kinds of writing of all college students and provides a mathematically representative sample that allows us to explore a number of correlations and frequencies across and within the data. We carefully chose our sixteen colleges from the entire geography of the country, and we selected a wide variety of types of institution. The participating institutions are not named in our study, but we can say the following:

Our data includes colleges and universities located in:

• Alabama
• Colorado
• Georgia
• Idaho
• Indiana
• Kansas
• Massachusetts
• New Hampshire
• New Jersey
• New York
• Texas
• Washington

The sixteen institutions include:

• Community colleges
• Ivy League institutions
• Liberal arts colleges
• Religious colleges
• Private colleges and universities
•State colleges and universities