The Citation Project
   Preventing plagiarism, teaching writing

The Citation Project Research Team

Principal Researchers
   Sandra Jamieson, Drew University
  Rebecca Moore Howard, Syracuse University

Citation Project Executive Board
   Sandra Jamieson, Drew University
  Rebecca Moore Howard, Syracuse University
  Tricia C. Serviss, Auburn University
  Kelly Kinney, Binghamton University

Contributing Researchers
  Crystal Benedicks, Wabash College
  Erin Carroll, Monmouth University
  Sara B. Chaney, Dartmouth College
  Kristi Murray Costello, Binghamton University
Dennis Coyle, Drew University
  Christiane K. Donahue, Dartmouth College
  Bess Fox,
Marymount University, Virginia
  TJ Geiger
, Syracuse University
  Nicole Gonzales-Howell, Syracuse University
  Jennifer Holly Wells, Drew University
  Françoise Jacobsohn, Legal Momentum, New York
  Santosh Khadka, Syracuse University
  Kelly Kinney, Binghamton University
  Elizabeth Kleinfeld, Metropolitan State College of Denver
  Kathryn Navickas
Syracuse University
  Jeep Roberto, New York University
  Tanya K. Rodrigue, Wheaton College
  Samantha Roy, Binghamton University
  Madhuparna (Maya) Sanyal
, Drew University
  Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Deakin University (Australia)
  Melissa Watson, Syracuse University

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